Kelvin White Driving School


The purpose of this page is to simply show you that we are a local and legitimate company.
We are and have been the largest Driving School operating in the Taunton and Bridgwater area for the past 10 years. We are now investing resources in Exeter to service the high demand for lessons in the area.
We have a full-time customer services centre, based in Bridgwater and you are more than welcome to call 01278 450142 during working hours should you have any questions regarding the instructor training course that we run.
I would strongly suggest that you use one of the page forms to request a free book first as it will give you a very comprehensive overview of what it’s actually like working in our industry.
You can use this link to access the driving school website should you wish to “check us out” and read the hundreds of test passes and customer reviews from local students.
Thank you for taking the time to visit our Instructor Training website.
Warm regards,
Kelvin White, School Director.
I became a driving instructor in May 1999 and worked with a national driving school until April 2001.
I then went independent and was very proud to be operating with my name on the tuition vehicle as I build a solid local reputation.
I was attracting more work than I could handle and in 2007, I took on my 1st franchisee and made the transition to becoming a driving school.
By 2012 Kelvin White Driving School was operating with 30+ franchised instructors.
Some of those franchisees that joined me back in the early days are still with me but many of the instructors that we have trained, have left to set up their own businesses and become independent.
The reason I mention this is because you may prefer to be in a position where you are working under the umbrella of the areas most innovative and progressive driving school, with all your marketing and admin taken care of or you may be the entrepreneurial type that would like to see your own name “in lights” at some stage and that’s absolutely fine of course.


The world, really is your oyster


 I have been sending out the books for the past ten years and as a result, we have trained close to 100 local people but many that receive and look through the book decide it’s not quite right for them. That’s absolutely fine, at least they explored the possibility rather than simply accept their current situation.


The purpose of the book is not to persuade or convince you in any way but to give you an insight to what may be a solution for you.

You have nothing to lose and maybe everything to gain.

 Twenty minutes of your time could turn out to be life changing as it was for me!

 Your contact and postal details will be used to send the book out to you. They will not be passed to any third party or used for any other reason other than detailed here.

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